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In today’s world we are always so busy, with somewhere to be or something further to do.......so if you have ever been panic stricken at the thought of planning, decorating and implementing the perfect party - you need worry no more.............Fancy Pants Party Stylists are here to help!

With a zest for indulging childhood fancies, and an even greater zeal for helping frazzled parents to relax and truly enjoy life’s celebrations, Fancy Pants Party Stylists aim to design and create your perfectly themed children’s party, baby shower, sip ‘n’ see or life event. We customise to suit all budgets, needs (and even fanciful wishes!), so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to making any or all of your party dreams come true!

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Welcome to our ideas and creations. Here you will see just how a colour and a theme can really give your party that 'Wow Factor!'. Please enjoy wandering through the themed parties we have set up at client’s houses and at function venues and also stop to take a look at the invitations we have created to set the scene for our themes. Enjoy the bits & bobs in our Accompaniments section, which just add those extra little touches that really bring our parties to life! Feel free to email us if you have any other ideas that we may be able to help with or parties you would like us to create. Happy Browsing!

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About Us

The Fancy Pants Party Stylists business was created by best friends and working mums, Nicole & Tracy, who have always been passionate about creating magical and inspiring parties for their own children. After years of praise from attending guests, and shocked at the cost of party venues which always seemed on the rise, Nicole & Tracy finally decided to take the plunge in 2012 and their adventure of creating themed parties for others officially began!

Here at Fancy Pants Party Stylists we pride ourselves on designing, creating and styling memorable yet affordable children’s parties, baby showers, sip ‘n’ sees* and themed life events like 21st & milestone birthdays for adults.

*For those not familiar with the concept, a sip 'n' see is a morning or afternoon tea celebration for those who either are not keen on a baby shower, or for those who are perhaps looking for a unique way to celebrate the birth of their later children.

Generally, guests all attend some time after the baby has been born to celebrate with something to drink ("sip"), a bite to eat, and get to meet the newborn baby ("see") and bring gifts.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your up and coming party needs, we would dearly love to style your next event,

Nicole & Tracy
The Fancy Pants Party Stylists

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    Nicole Greenway

    Founder/Owner & Event Stylist.

    Tel: 0419 542 651

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    Tracy Cooper

    Founder & Invitation Designer

    Tel: 0434 818 762

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We here at Fancy Pants Party Stylists are pleased to be able to offer you two package choices to make your next celebration stress and fuss free

The first option is our Total Party Package, which consists of a consultation with you on your desired theme and then the creation of invitations, goody bags, and a main feature table complete with accessories and decorations.

We will even source matching themed food and lollies, face painting, jumping castles and the like (at an extra cost) if required.

We will then set up your feature table before your party, and re-attend after your party is over to pack it all away.

For those who wish to create the ultimate party themselves, but just need a helping hand, we also offer a second option, our Elemental Package.

A member of the Fancy Pants Party Stylists team will consult with you on your desired theme (or help you come up with one!) and then only provide the elements of your party that you require assistance with.

This might mean sourcing you a matching cake for your theme, or even just the decoration or set up alone of your chosen venue with your props/decorations. We are here to help you with as little or as much of your next party as you would like.
Lastly, we also offer completely customized and personalised invitations here at Fancy Pants Party Stylists. Our invitations are professionally printed with either a gloss or matte finish, and come with standard white envelopes included in the cost. Coloured envelopes, hand made embellishments and calligraphy can also be added at an additional cost. No minimum on quantities required for orders.

    Total Party Package

    For those who wish to let Fancy Pants Party Stylists do all the work!

    Let us design, create and style your perfect event – just as you always imagined (or better!)
    Prices start from $150 for a basic package, and continue upwards to $700+ for a deluxe package.

    For example a basic package for 15 children includes design consultation with a Fancy Pants Party Stylist (can be via phone, e-mail or in person) to decide on theme and/or colour options, custom made invitations, matching goody bags (empty – to be filled by customer), feature table set up with decorations, platters, crockery etc all to match/complement theme and re-attendance after party to dismantle and remove all Fancy Pants Party supplies. Food and drink provided by customer.

    For the price of taking your children & their friends to a local play centre you could add to this basic package a customised matching cake, cake pops, hand made matching chocolates, lollies AND matching custom made decorations all whilst sitting back and really being able to enjoy you or your child’s once in a lifetime special day knowing that the capable and reliable stylists at Fancy Pants have taken care of everything and created a truly memorable experience for all involved.

    Please contact us by using our contact form or via phone on 0419 542 651 for an obligation free quote.

    Elemental Package

    For those who just need a helping hand, let Fancy Pants Party Stylists guide, design, or create the perfect finishing touches you need to make your party one no-one will forget!

    Prices vary depending on what is required. Please e-mail us using our contact form for prices on custom made goody bags (ready to be filled), party ideas, party game ideas, cakes, hand made matching chocolates, face painting, jumping castle hire etc and much, much more.

    Room and table set up only starting at $100 (using your own decorations, food etc).
    Please contact us by using our contact form or via phone on 0419 542 651 for an obligation free quote.

    Invitations & Stationary

    We all know that parties are fun and reflect what we and/or our children are passionate about at the time. The invitations to a party sets your theme and conveys a message of what to expect. This can be done in so many different ways...bright colours usually means lots of fun on the way, pastel colours give the feeling of softness that surrounds our babies, and then there are the other colours that are used for life celebrations which are individual to each person. What would you like your invitation to say? Would you like a soft colour and whimsical font to welcome your baby to the world, or would you like something brighter with a large font that provides an instant smile? Perhaps add a photo that shows you or your child's interests and captures the imagination? Or choose a theme that takes you and your guests back to a favoured time, place or memory. The possibilities are endless.....

    Please check out our Invitations photo page to see some examples of our work. Keep in mind that we also do custom orders and will tailor to suit your theme. Even on our prior creations, colours can sometimes be altered, or hand made embellishments such as glitter to a tiara, gold to a treasure chest, or googly eyes to an owl can be added to individualise and make your invitations look amazing!

    Invitations vary in price depending on the amount of work involved.
    Basic invitations start at $1.50 each. Invitations with a small amount of hand embellishment start from $1.70 each and invitations including a photo and detailed hand embellishments start from $2.00 each.

    Please contact us by using our contact form or via phone on 0434 818 762 for an obligation free design and/or quote.

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Fancy Pants Party Stylists

Servicing the Gold Coast, Brisbane & Surrounds for Parties & Events
Worldwide Servicing for Invitations & Stationery.

Nicole on 0419 542 651 for Party & Event Design/Set ups
Tracy on 0434 818 762 for Invitations & Stationery

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